Spoilt Brats — Tail of Two Siblings

IMG_1697 IMG_1922 IMG_2059 IMG_2076 IMG_2082 IMG_1681

My first wildlife trip was in March 2012 to Gir National Park, home to the Asiatic Lions. Although our group has numerous good sightings, I remember this one in particular.

This was a pride of 18 – the alpha male, the alpha female, the other females, a few juveniles and two extremely naughty cubs.

These two cubs had the maximum privileges in the pride. They had the best resting spots, the got to bite, pull tails and pick on the ears of practically every other member in the pride.

However, as I was watching their antics and photographing them, I realised that it would be either one of these who would fight off the other sibling and overthrow the current alpha male, who also happens to be their father!!!

PS: this is my first post.. sooooo… do excuse!!!!!!!!


About anjankatna

Am a nature photographer (though professionally have been working in the climate change and sustainability domain). My interests are capturing landscapes and animals in their natural habitats. I am also interested in aspects of nature conservation and believe that photography can be an important tool in doing so.
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