Bhandardara and Kaas

Although I was initially uninterested to go in this trip, I am thankful to a friend for coaxing me to join!! After a long long time I got a chance to travel to the marvelous Western Ghats – amazing greenery, breath-taking scenery and some beautiful flowers!!! Imagine- I have been traveling to Satara to only see the ugly windmills swishing away electricity for almost 4 years now – and I never went to Kaas or even heard about it!!

After being in zoology for so many years, I never thought I would be photographing flowers one day – and what a day (and what a trip!!!) it turned out to be- thanks to my co-travellers. Not to mention the amazing trek to Kalsubhai peak. Although a few of us did not make it till the end, we did enjoy every inch of it. The climb (or I should say the slip) downhill with a fast approaching darkness and intermittent rains, the lessons learnt after the climb (!!!!) and the amazing company during the trek!!! It was all wonderful.

It did give me a reboot from a lot of things– a reboot which was long overdue!

Although a lot to learn in photographing such tiny flowers… hope u somewhat like these pics!!IMG_7305 IMG_7341 IMG_7353 ANJ - Copy ANJ_0422 ANJ_0434 ANJ_0446 ANJ_0619 ANJ_0642 ANJ_0649 ANJ_0659 ANJ_0688 ANJ_0696 ANJ_0754 ANJ_0757


About anjankatna

Am a nature photographer (though professionally have been working in the climate change and sustainability domain). My interests are capturing landscapes and animals in their natural habitats. I am also interested in aspects of nature conservation and believe that photography can be an important tool in doing so.
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