Serenity in Garhwal

In the lap of nature
lying on the grass.. looking at views like these.. no hustle bustle of cities, no fakeness of the corporate life…no management funde… . peace.. serene… quietness..

Below are few pics of my recent trekking and camping trip to Bedni and Ali Bugyals in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Bugyal is the local word for Meadows. We started our trek from “Wan” – a troupe of 8 trekkers, 2 guides and a cook (and of course a few mules to carry the load). Our destination – the base camp at Gorli Patal. The trek is a steady climb of 4-5 hours, with a lovely stream mid-way. By the time the last of us (who else.. yours truly!!) reached, it was almost evening. We had no idea that we would be resting in the backdrop of one of most stunning peaks of the region – the Trishuli peak!! As the sun started going down, the peak glowed orange as everything else became dark— a mesmerizing sight!!

_NJ_4276 _NJ_4139 _NJ_3922 _NJ_3796 _NJ_3652 _NJ_3754 _NJ_3673

Next day came the tough part – the trek from Gorli patal to Bedni — this is also one of the more difficult parts of the famous Roopkund trek. Its a steepish trek, and once you hit the meadows, strong winds hit you with a such force that it seems they are trying to throw you off the mountain. Again a strenuous trek of 4-5 hours. However, one forgets all the pains, exertion, thirst when you are treated with magnificent views along the way. Once you reach Bedni, the views are even grander. You just wish to stay there forever. Few pics below:

_NJ_4096 _NJ_4090 _NJ_4061 _NJ_3703 _NJ_4587

After lunch in Bedni, it was time to head back to Gorli. With a heavy heart, we started the trek back through a short-cut, though a very steep one. We were back in about 90 minutes. After the nights rest, we started the trek back to Wan, and from there the journey back to the so called civilized world!


About anjankatna

Am a nature photographer (though professionally have been working in the climate change and sustainability domain). My interests are capturing landscapes and animals in their natural habitats. I am also interested in aspects of nature conservation and believe that photography can be an important tool in doing so.
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2 Responses to Serenity in Garhwal

  1. Rajiv kaushal says:

    Beautiful pictures and very well written… So tempted to do the whole roopkund trek now

  2. Beautifully written! All that stuff is dope for me!

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