The “Unruly” World: Unearthing the “Madness” in Nature

ATREE Young Researchers Network

Written by Chandrima Home

Rules govern our lives as well as all of society. We humans love to anthropomorphize the natural world. We try to identify characters, behaviors in the natural world that are more human-like and anything happening out of the box is often considered “mad”. I personally like collecting such local trivia about species which are colloquially labeled as “mad”. What intrigues me are the reasons for which they are considered so, and if you ponder over it, it does sometimes shed light on the species ecology.

My first encounter with something “mad” in nature was Prosopis juliflora,a shrub or a small tree belonging to family Fabaceae (a kind of Mesquite) colloquially termed as “gandobawar” in Kutchi or the “mad” tree. An invasive in India, this tree definitely lives up to its name. My day in field would often end with my pulling out an…

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About anjankatna

Am a nature photographer (though professionally have been working in the climate change and sustainability domain). My interests are capturing landscapes and animals in their natural habitats. I am also interested in aspects of nature conservation and believe that photography can be an important tool in doing so.
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